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    CN / EN
    Outdoor furniture
    The outdoor furniture is the main products of the International Trade Department, which market is the European and American. Designed with natural comfort and simple atmosphere, we aim to provide customers with beautiful, safe, comfortable and durable outdoor furniture.
    The designer incorporates the emerging carving pit corrosion process and also with the thermal transfer process into the product. The carving pit corrosion process can imitate the texture of wood on the surface of aluminum material, meanwhile, the thermal transfer process can make the surface of the aluminum material showing realistic visual effects of wood grain and knot. As designers continue to discover the trend and innovative technology of outdoor furniture in the European and American markets, and apply it to the development of new products, the new technology endows the product with vitality and wins the recognition, support and trust from customer.
    In order to meet demands for streamlined furniture, we also committed to providing customers with high-quality, low-cost, delicate and beautiful interior furniture. We hope to add life fun to our customers and provide them a more comfortable home environment.
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